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Robotics ROS Development - iNovAITec

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Industrial Robotics

ROS Industrial Robotics Developer

Gain expertise in the latest version of the Robot Operating System (ROS) to program your own robots!

This seminar showing how to calculate forward and inverse kinematics for industry robot by using ROS Library and the 3D-Kernels Open CASCADE.

Fundamentals: Develop with ROS Library to build the robot trajectory and OpenCascade 3D-Kernel to build, Handle and view CAD models
Geometry: Use Open Cascade Technology to load the robot CAD files (STEP and IGES Format)
Robot: Simulation, deburring, milling and drilling
You will learn how to create robotic simulations, integrate advanced tools, and program robots using ROS Library in C++/Python. Here are a few of the course sections:

Course Outline
The course is broken into 8 main sections:
  • Course Introduction    
  • Environment Setup
  • Robot Operating System (ROS) Overview
  • Using ROS in C++/Python
  • Additional ROS Tools
  • Robotics Simulation
  • Advanced Features In ROS

General (5 days)
  • How to start learning Robotics
  • The Best Projects to learn Robotics
  • The Best Online Resources to learn Robotics
  • The most important Programming Languages in Robotics
  • What is Real-Time Computing and why is it important in Robotics?

Basics (2 days)
  • Visualisation Industry Robot (Phanuc, ABB, Mabi and Kuka)
  • Simulation Industry Robot
  • Denavit Hartenberg Parameters

Control (1 days)
  • Control the TCP position of a industry robot in C++ with ROS – Inverse Kinematics explained

Motion Planning (2 days)
  • Spline Interpolation
  • Collision Detection

Course Content

10 Days


Course Requirements:
  • General Computer Skills
  • Experience with Python or C++ programming language
  • Some experience with Windows or Linux is recommended, but not required

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who want to learn more about the newly developed ROS2 Framework For Robotics Software Development
  • ROS1 Developers who want to learn what new features are available in ROS2 and how to utilize it's new API Anyone who wants to learn how to program robots in Python or C++
If you are interested in a company-specific custom development and  would like to find out more, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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