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Manufacturing: NX 5-Axis Milling - iNovAITec

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Computer Aided Manufacturing

Manufacturing: NX 5-Axis Milling

This seminar introduces the user to the functionalities in the area of  4-, 5-axis milling. The difference between 5-axis positioning milling and  5-axis simultaneous milling is explained. The modules covered in the  previous models are explored with regard to their application in 5-axis  positioning milling.

  • Introduction to to multi-axis simultaneous machining
  • 4- and 5-axis milling functionalities
  • Positioning milling with rotary table
  • Swivelling table or swivel head
  • Simultaneous machining of 4 and 5 axes
  • Travel methods in multi-axis milling
  • Machine kinematics
  • Collision controls

Additional Requirements
Basics of NC machining technology and experience in working with NX system.

Additional information's for the duration
Possibly in connection with the 2-day Freeform surfaces course for CAM users. Additional days as required.

 3 Days



  • Production engineers
  • NC programmers
  • Production planning

Required Trainings
Freeform surfaces and NX CAM Basics

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