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End-to-end workflow for manufacturing simulation


Manufacturing simulation solutions require 3D models and the kinematics  for all manufacturing equipment, robotic cells, etc. Manufacturing  simulation experts normally prefer to use their favorite software  solutions. Meanwhile 3D models and kinematics coming from equipment  vendors is created using favorite CAD tools of a particular vendor. The gap between different representations of equipment models in different  systems slows down and complicates the manufacturing simulation workflow  requiring a lot of manual conversion efforts and making the process  error-prone.


iNovAITec solution bridges the gap between the equipment vendors and  manufacturing companies ensuring consistent and lossless data flow  of the two worlds. Completeness of the transferred data is guaranteed thanks to interim iNovAITec data model (based on the OpenCASCADE library) compliant with ISO 10303-242 and ISO  10303-105 standards. Multiple data formats are supported. To achieve maximum automation of data flow and ensure that manufacturing  simulation is always performed using the up-to-date vendor data, the  solution can be integrated with all major PLM systems. iNovAITec solution enables the flexibility to quickly  provide customized software modules independently from third party  software suppliers.

Business value

The end-to-end solution for manufacturing simulation workflow reduces  efforts to integrate new equipment in the existing environment and  in general minimizes time needed to prepare or modify manufacturing  processes, for example, when launching a new factory. The equipment  vendors can adopt their products rapidly to specific manufacturing needs  and constraints and achieve higher level of customer satisfaction.
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