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Manufacturing Simulation - iNovAITec

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CNC Laser Manufacturing

CNC-Machine Based Laser Manufacturing

Now a day’s there are many ways to create models and prototypes. One of the most well-known technology for manufacturing or prototyping is the CNC-Machining (e.g. Milling, drilling, and turning). This Technology is increased in rapid growth the usage and implementation of CNC system in industries and colleges but at greater cost. To reduce the cost and man power is Laser cutting and engraving introduced.

Technology Solution

iNovAITec has developed a CAM Laser software, which is able to generate automatically NC tool paths (G-Code) for cutting, drilling and engraving. The software is able to load any image, DXF drawings, and send to laser machining with few click.
The advantages of the iNovAITec laser software:
  • Suitable for many materials
  • Users friendly (Easy to use)
  • High precision
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Save time and cost


The main benefit of the iNovAITec laser software is the fast and interactive generation of laser tool paths in 2D and 3D. The laser software has already been used in combination with the industrial laser machining from company JustLaser France during R&D projects. The results were many promising.


Below you can see some generated laser tool paths with iNovAITec software, used in combination with Ortur LM3 machining.

Industries:  Aerospace       Automotive Manufacturing        CNC-Machinery      

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